Thursday, November 1, 2007

    The loo

    Things are finally moving (FINALLY, people, FINALLY), with paint on pretty much every surface by now. The long road to a functional bathroom has looked like this, so far:

    1. Removing the tile. (We lost the toilet's functionality several weeks ago.)

    2. Pulling up the rotten, uneven subfloor.

    3. Installing hardibacker, the same water-proof, even layer that we used in the kitchen.

    4. Patching, sanding, dusting and painting the walls. We were pleased to receive a gallon of very nice, expensive paint from my mother-in-law in roughly the same color we were planning to use anyway. Hooray for hand-me-downs! The color is a very faint blue that evidently doesn't show up when your only light source is an on-camera flash.

    We still have a few steps to go, including a Miracle Method appointment in two weeks for refinishing the bathtub and tile surround, tiling the floor in a dark slate, figuring out the bathroom cabinet, vanity and mirror situation and installing all that good stuff. Progress, though, feels sweet.

    1 comment:

    Joe said...

    Hardibacker is the bomb. I know. Keep up the good work.