Wednesday, October 31, 2007


    In honor of fall, Halloween, Home Depot, Xango, pumpkins, Rocky's pedestrian flags, Brighton High School, hunting apparel, cantaloupes, road construction cones, my little brother's Datsun 240Z, candy corn, and pollution sunsets, we painted our living room bright orange.

    The orange isthmus:

    The orange comet (from Kersten, "whoops"):

    We've got two coats of paint on it, but it might take a third because we can see a few uneven spots. Bright colors often take more than two coats for full coverage, anyway.


    Tai said...

    I look kind of dumpy in that picture. Maybe I need to wear suspenders to keep my pants up.

    k8 said...

    i love the color! oh man, i really want to remodel a house. you guys are so inspiring!

    alison&brandon5280 said...

    progress, progress...i love how i could never imagine a bright orange room but now see how awesome it'll be. what a vision!

    April said...

    Looking good! I love that you guys are so brave with color.