Sunday, October 28, 2007

    Wallpaper: update

    It looks like my mad skills in removing wallpaper paid off — we won't need to hide any sins on the bedroom wall with another coat of the stuff. It's taking to paint just fine.

    So, even though I still love twenty2, we're not going to have need of their lovely product.

    Instead, we're planning on using the same green color that was in our old living room (scroll down on the link to get to it).


    AT said...

    I loved that green in your previous condo. I don't think you can go wrong with that.

    PS... we are looking for a good green color for our living room as well. May I ask what brand/color of paint that is?

    Tai said...

    The paint is a Benjamin Moore color called Meadow View. The number for the color is 383.

    In our old place the paint base we used was the Satin Impervo base, which goes on so smooth and looks beautiful, but alas, it is oil based and not good for our bodies, or the earth.

    Until recently it has been hard to find a good quality paint that is low VOC and flows well with a good finish, and forget about getting a deep color (because the tints for paints contain VOC's you could only put 2 oz. of tint per gallon or it would no longer be considered low VOC, so you couldn't get a deep color), but Benjamin Moore has come out with a line of paint called Aura that is very low VOC and extremely nice to work with. It is a more environmentally friendly paint than even their Eco Spec line and because it uses 100% acrylic tints, you can get a really deep color with it too.

    So, to sum up the answer to your question the color is Meadow View 383 in a Benjamin Moore Aura base.

    AT said...

    Thanks! And actually, the extra info is great. We'll be painting every room in the house (except the storage/utility room), and would really like to use a low-VOC paint.

    For some reason, I really want to do a bold green in the bathroom as well. Apple or pear green, or something of that nature.

    It's going to be so nice to pick my own paint colors, after 9 years of living with white apartment walls!