Saturday, October 6, 2007

    Known carcinogens

    Even with all this work on the floor, there were two sections that weren't exactly level. They were spots of the floor where it wasn't practical to repeat the processes we've used on the rest of the floor. One of these was the length of the wet wall in the kitchen, about one foot deep by eight feet long. Another was a little patch in the middle of the floor where the crooked joists didn't line up for enough sub-floor support.

    The solution was a batch of self-leveling concrete. This was the warning label:

    Having a level floor *might* just be worth the exposure to these known or probable human carcinogens...


    amelia said...

    So the floor is all ready for tile?! Hurray! I'm excited to see what you guys pick out.

    todd said...

    i inhaled way too much cement dust when i was working for a mason. i'm still okay. at least for now.

    aporitic said...

    I love floor-leveling compound. You put it down and it's like this giant marker pointing out that, "This is the part of the floor where I totally blew it or where the floor was so messed up that I totally couldn't get it right because I have no business doing this kind of stuff."

    Then you put your floor covering over it, and it all looks perfect and everyone is impressed and you get to think back on all the crap that you went through fixing it up, and you say to yourself, "This floor? Pwned!"

    Whatever you do, resist the urge to sneak down to that room in the middle of the night and do a victory dance. Because that's just weird.