Tuesday, September 29, 2009

    More sheetrock

    I just can't help myself.

    Today also marks exactly two months since we started construction, and we are already nearly done hanging sheetrock. We are thrilled, thrilled, with Davido's progress -- way to go!

    Monday, September 28, 2009

    42,000 words

    Here are some more photos. A lot has happened. Insulation was completed and sheetrock and siding have started.

    First peek at drywall

    I didn't want you all to have to wait until Tai posts, so here's the first peek at our drywall:

    That's in the dining room, stretching back into the kitchen area.

    Tuesday, September 22, 2009


    It's been quite a while since I posted any pictures. Since the last posting the framing has been finished up, the roof has gone on, the rough plumbing has been finished and inspected, the rough electrical has been completed, the gas line installed, the house has been wrapped in Tyvek and the windows have been installed. Tomorrow insulation starts and should be done by Thursday. Turns out that Davido was able to negotiate blown-in insulation which will give us R-23 in the walls instead of the R-19 blanket we originally had bid.

    Here are a bunch of pictures of the last week or so.

    Who wants to see some more photos?

    Make some noise and let's see if we can get Tai to post the latest. For shame!

    (P.S. Our windows started going in yesterday and word from the hubby is that a couple of the big ones up front are also already in.)

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009


    It occurs to me that many people reading this blog (are there many?) are seeing the building coming out of the ground without any idea of what it is designed to look like. In the beginning this was deliberate and then I guess I just got lazy. Since our house is quite modern and permitting was stressful and painful enough on its own, we wanted to avoid the possibility of someone trying to slow down the process for us at the city because they didn't like our design. We were actually very careful to design the house completely within the zoning requirements without any variances. This was to avoid giving anyone else any input into the design of our house. Though it would have been nice to try to get some extra height, we have seen too many examples of modern home designs seeking variances get squashed by neighbors who would seem to think a nuclear waste facility was being put in next to them.

    With permit in hand and building well under way, we now unveil the elevations of our home.
    East Elevation

    South Elevation
    West Elevation

    North Elevation

    I colored these myself, so the colors aren't probably very representative of what it will actually be but the silver sections are two different profiles of 12" wide galvalume siding. The light brown areas are horizontal cedar 6" tongue and groove siding and the areas that are a darker brown are bronze window and door cladding and matching metal panels.

    We really love the design that Kenner and Matt came up with for us and we really love watching the Davido bring it out of the ground and make it a reality.

    Stupid Rain

    The roofers are scheduled for tomorrow. Mid-week last week, the forecast was looking pretty dry and we were feeling pretty good that we might actually get the house dried in without any major rain. Then yesterday happened. Every part of the house was completely soaked. We are told it's fairly common to get one or two good soakings before getting sealed up, but it still kind of sucks.

    It doesn't look much different on the outside, but the past week has seen major progress with the plumbing, mechanical and electrical subs. The framing is about 90% there and we hope it gets mostly wrapped up this week with the framing crew back on the job. Windows are supposed to arrive sometime this week and after the building gets wrapped in Tyvek, those will start going in as well.

    Sunday, September 6, 2009

    More good progress

    Friday marked 2 and a half weeks of framing and about 5 weeks from when we broke ground. Things are looking good. This week the second floor and roof were framed. The radiant for the second floor was put in and the rough plumbing was started. The duct runs for our a.c. were installed.

    Next week should see the rough electrical start and perhaps the roofing go on.

    Here are some pictures of the progress of this last week.

    Tuesday, September 1, 2009

    11 views on YouTube = famous!

    We mentioned on Twitter recently that we had a visit from Park City TV to take a look at our current condo. We are clearly not TV stars, but we still get a kick out of seeing the finished product (and that remixed Jose Gonzalez song as the soundtrack!):

    (Plus, how classic is it that Tai's first reaction was, "the SWINYARD condo??!?" Totally makes up for all those times I've been called a Biesinger, darling!)