Tuesday, September 15, 2009


    It occurs to me that many people reading this blog (are there many?) are seeing the building coming out of the ground without any idea of what it is designed to look like. In the beginning this was deliberate and then I guess I just got lazy. Since our house is quite modern and permitting was stressful and painful enough on its own, we wanted to avoid the possibility of someone trying to slow down the process for us at the city because they didn't like our design. We were actually very careful to design the house completely within the zoning requirements without any variances. This was to avoid giving anyone else any input into the design of our house. Though it would have been nice to try to get some extra height, we have seen too many examples of modern home designs seeking variances get squashed by neighbors who would seem to think a nuclear waste facility was being put in next to them.

    With permit in hand and building well under way, we now unveil the elevations of our home.
    East Elevation

    South Elevation
    West Elevation

    North Elevation

    I colored these myself, so the colors aren't probably very representative of what it will actually be but the silver sections are two different profiles of 12" wide galvalume siding. The light brown areas are horizontal cedar 6" tongue and groove siding and the areas that are a darker brown are bronze window and door cladding and matching metal panels.

    We really love the design that Kenner and Matt came up with for us and we really love watching the Davido bring it out of the ground and make it a reality.


    Rob said...

    really cool, too bad they didn't provide some 3D's for you. (this coming from an architectural draftsman).

    nice looking project. i'm jealous. wish i could justify building my own. which leads me to having questions for you if you have a chance. not sure if my email address shows up for you, if it does send me a note if you have time. Again, nice work!

    Tai said...

    We did get some 3D renderings from earlier in the design process, but we don't have a fully updated model, so I didn't post them.

    Didn't see your email address, but I would be happy to answer some questions.

    Suzanne said...

    The outside materials sound really really beautiful. I'm excited to see those go up. Why did you decide to go no windows (besides the bump out) on the north side?

    Kersten said...

    Re: north side. Um, the diplomatic answer? Windows don't really make sense for a lot of our floor plan on the north side, and we decided to maximize window placement for passive solar heating in the winter by "saving" our windows for the south. The non-diplomatic answer? Ask me at a party sometime.

    alyce said...

    It looks lovely. Thanks for sharing. I saw a great show (Greenovate maybe?) where a couple in/around Berkeley were adding cedar siding. They showed some aging progressions of the wood that were drool worthy.

    I look forward to seeing more as it develops.