Monday, September 17, 2007


    We stopped by the condo Sunday afternoon to formally take possession and take some "before" pictures. I left a little depressed — there is more work there to do than I could ever imagine. Well, here it is:

    Living room



    Master bedroom

    Second bedroom/office

    What's also missing from this collection is a picture of the entryway. Don't worry, though — it also has nasty green carpet and a crappy light fixture. I didn't include pictures of the rest of the light fixtures (beyond what ended up in these photos), because I imagine that we'll show you before and after as we replace them. But that step is so very, very far away right now...


    amelia said...

    Did they literally take the sink? I don't know what you guys are talking about, that carpet is HOT! Let us know when you need a hand moving...or even help remodeling!

    todd said...

    are you going to try to use the parquet floor in the kitchen? is it real wood?

    Tai said...

    The parquet appears to be real wood, but we will not be trying to use it. It is in really rough shape. Even if it were in good shape, we would not be able to salvage it because of the reconfiguration of the kitchen. The parquet goes up to, but not under the center island in the kitchen.

    I don't think there will be one thing that we end up salvaging in this place.

    todd said...

    that's too bad. parquet can be nice sometimes, especially in contrast with clean-looking cabinets and such.

    you could have an awesome patch of some totally different material in there.

    or not.

    have fun with the pee-soaked carpet. i know what you're smelling every time i walk by the alley by the train stop. and several other places. though i don't think it's cat urine.

    Tai said...

    Well, if the carpet smell is hobo urine, we have made a grave grave error.

    k8 said...

    i really can't wait to see what you guys do with this place...