Friday, September 7, 2007


    So, the kitchen for the place we are buying needs a little work. And by a little work, I mean that it needs to be ripped out.

    The layout is not that great and it is, well, ugly. It feels so cramped and chopped up as it currently is. Here are a couple of photos of the kitchen now.

    So, what we want to do is open up the kitchen a little bit. This is a hard task because it is a small space, but we want to take out the island and wrap the kitchen in an L around the wall. We will lose a little bit of the dining area to do so, but I would rather have a more comfortable place to cook and in a 950 square foot condo, you probably don't need a gigantic dining room.

    Here are some renderings of what we would like to do using the Ikea cabinets that Kersten mentioned earlier in the blog.

    The tile back splash in the rendering isn't exactly what we want to do, but it was the only texture option I had in my rendering program. We would likely do something like this:

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    amelia said...

    Love the new design!