Thursday, March 26, 2009

    Meet the architects

    Introducing our architects: Kenner Kingston (left) and Matt Nelson of Architectural Nexus.

    We're thrilled to be working with Kenner and Matt, who caught our eye for Architectural Nexus' work on the Lucy Avenue house (those owners were guest bloggers on Grassroots Modern during their building process, here, here, and here). Arch Nexus is large firm with offices here, Logan and Tempe, Ariz., and they've done a lot of institutional, medical and commercial work. Kenner, a LEED-accredited partner, worked on the eye-catching University of Utah Orthopaedic Hospital in Research Park.

    This is a much smaller project than this firm would normally take on, so we're grateful that they are committed enough to the idea of a small, modern house in Salt Lake to spend their Thursday nights with us. (Also, big thanks to their understanding families for loaning them out on the night of the week's best TV.)

    We spent Thursday evening going over the basics of how to layout our home (I can say that! We're really building it now!!). It was a really fun evening, spent answering questions such as, "How do you feel about doors?", "Does the kitchen need to be part of entertaining?", and "What do you expect out of your outdoor space?" It was great to be part of a guided discussion about the priorities for our home. At the end of the night, Kenner and Matt had sketched out a basic layout for the two floors.

    Next Thursday we'll take a look at a few basic designs, or massings (arch-speak for 3d renderings).


    amelia said...

    This is so exciting that your house is coming together!

    Craig said...

    Small world. I see Kenner and Matt most Tuesdays at our construction meetings. They are our architects on the Park City Medical Center. Both seem really sharp.

    april said...

    That's great. I really liked the design of the Lucy Ave. house. My friend Pierre also works at Architectural Nexus, so that's cool.