Wednesday, September 5, 2007

    Hitting a wall

    We're getting excited to close on the Center Street condo on Monday (fingers crossed that all goes as planned), and we can't wait to get in there. Among the other things we'd like to do to that place is paint/refinish every wall surface, including a currently papered wall in the larger of the two bedrooms. Neither of us has ever dealt with wallpaper before, so this is a brave new world for us.

    If we were fabulously wealthy and had multiple thousands of dollars to spend on ONE wall, this is the Brooklyn-based company and paper we (ok, I) would use:

    Not only do I LOVE the bright colors, the hand-screen printed process, and the design, but this pattern would be a fantastic homage to the wallpaper in my mother's childhood room — a psychedelic color palette of fuchsia, lime green, and yellow tulips running floor to ceiling.

    Sadly, however, we do not have thousands of dollars to spend on one wall. We probably need to make a decision and order the paper and supplies within a few weeks, though, so the search continues...

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