Sunday, September 6, 2009

    More good progress

    Friday marked 2 and a half weeks of framing and about 5 weeks from when we broke ground. Things are looking good. This week the second floor and roof were framed. The radiant for the second floor was put in and the rough plumbing was started. The duct runs for our a.c. were installed.

    Next week should see the rough electrical start and perhaps the roofing go on.

    Here are some pictures of the progress of this last week.

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    Jacob said...

    Everything looks great! It must be so exciting to see it all in three dimensions. One thing I would recommend is measuring window placement. We found out as we were installing our kitchen cabinets that our kitchen window was not centered in the room but was actually 6 or more inches out of place. It still makes me mad thinking about it. No one even humored the idea of fixing it though. Everything on the house was done (except for the k. cabinets). Take some time and take some measurements while things can still be fixed.