Tuesday, October 16, 2007


    It seems that we're hitting about one major diversion a week — seasons of Felicidades, Arcade Fire, and a long weekend trip to Colorado with its fragile tundra. (This is where the blog takes a break from the depressing problem of a level floor to gloat about some fun.)

    We have some good friends in Denver who were persuaded to join us in Vail for a few days. It was deserted and lovely with color. The only problem was that Vail seems to revolve exclusively around the ski resort, which is closed for summer and not yet open for winter. Our tentative plans to rent mountain bikes was foiled by the lack of open outfitters and weird looks when we asked locals (i.e. construction workers) what to do for kicks.

    Having tapped out Vail's potential in a 20-minute walk around the town Thursday, we took a drive to Aspen and over Independence Pass on Friday. We'd like to pretend that we timed our Aspen drive-through with the 10-year anniversary of John Denver's death. His ghost was visiting the Gucci boutique in town.

    We drove from Aspen over Independence Pass, a crazy two-lane road that dabbles in scariness with high drop offs, one-lane stretches, and steep switchbacks. The top of the pass at 12,095 feet made it difficult to walk more than about five steps without taking a break (home of the fragile tundra). The views were spectacular, though.

    We also got to know the loveliest stretch of interstate in all the west — I-70's Glenwood Canyon. We hiked a straight vertical trail to a hanging lake with some friends. Also beautiful.

    Tai promises me that we're done dinking around with silly things such as vacations. It's hard work now until the end. Stay tuned.

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    amelia said...

    WOW - Colorado is pretty! Fun trip!