Friday, November 30, 2007


    I'm putting this out there to hold myself to it: we want to move in on Dec. 15. That's two weeks from tomorrow.

    In those two weeks, we need to do the following:

    Install and paint baseboards, paint door trim, install kitchen cabinet doors, install kitchen trim pieces to match cabinet doors, build and install a concrete kitchen countertop, install a kitchen sink, install a kitchen sink disposal, install a kitchen tile backsplash, reseal the tile, build living room bookshelves and fireplace cover, install window coverings, find a plumber and get a washer drain line hooked up to finish the washer-dryer nook, purchase and install a refrigerator, install a bathroom sink and cabinet, install a bathroom mirror, find and install a bathroom light, paint interior of hall linen closet, install hall linen closet doors, install closet shelving systems in two rooms, touch up living room paint, paint inside of living room coat closet, rehang remaining doors, install new doorknobs, find and install kitchen lights, put up a shower rod, install a bathroom fan cover, saw off and cover the toilet floor bolts, caulk baseboard, install threshold pieces between bamboo and tile flooring, replace the bedroom ceiling fan with something better looking, and clean everything.

    Oh my.


    amelia said...

    GOOD LUCK. Call us if you need any help! Seriously! Or just a break from the work for dinner!

    That One Guy said...

    Lots of work... will be paying particular attention to the countertop project...

    Found your site through renovation voyeur, noticed you are right here in SLC... yay!!

    I work for a builder and we're trying to launch a modern design project with purchase prices UNDER $750K... anyway, I've enjoyed your posts, wondering how your search for a new lot is going. There's not much out there worth having right now - but the good lots are coming soon enough. There are builders divesting, so hang on, there'll be something pop up that is just perfect, I'm sure.