Monday, November 26, 2007

    Fiat lux

    We are so pleased to have new lights up in the place — the early 1990s, French-country vibe from our all-white ceiling fan in the living room wasn't working for us any more:

    Also not working for us? The slasher-hotel, bare bulb look in the entryway and kitchen:

    And, who loves a nipple light? Not I, especially not in the kitchen. (Please excuse the horrendous metering and light level editing.)

    We replaced the living room and entryway lights with this fixture, which puts off plenty of light through its three compact fluorescent bulbs, looks decent and ties together the front rooms with the same look:

    We have a technical problem that prevented us from using this light in the kitchen — we're now in the market for something that will make the clearance from a cabinet door. Flat, modernish and not too expensive...

    But our hall light went from this...

    to this:

    And the office light used to look like this...

    but now it looks like this:


    Amelia said...

    Haha...the boob light! We have one of those in our office that badly needs to be switched!

    B. said...