Friday, November 16, 2007

    Toilet's in

    Here's the sewer drain hole that no one should ever get too close to.

    Here's the wax ring that I replaced on the bottom of the new toilet (upside-down bowl) to seal it to the sewer drain.

    This illustrates me leveling out the bowl. It took a few shims to make the bubbles line up.

    And here's our can, newly installed and fully functional:

    We still need to cover up the floor bolts, but the covers that came with the toilet can't accommodate the super-long screws. After we hacksaw off the tops of the bolts, we can cover them up. We also have baseboard attached to the bathroom walls, but it is awaiting primer and two coats of white paint. And, when the Miracle Method tub and tile refinisher left, he took some of our fresh bathroom paint with him, so we'll be adding another coat, hopefully sometime this weekend.

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