Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    Cheap and Swedish

    My mother refused to help us remodel until we could provide a functioning bathroom — you know that I'm excited about the toilet since I've already done two posts about it (maybe it goes in tonight?), but here's what we're planning on for the vanity and sink:

    And here's what we're thinking of for the faucet:

    This setup appeals for us for a couple of reasons: one, it's IKEA which means that it looks decent for not a lot of money, and two, the sink eliminates any need for a separate bathroom countertop. I'm relieved because the idea of having to come up with a few square feet of bathroom countertop was giving me a headache (for instance, does it match the kitchen? if so, is it worth it to do concrete in the bathroom? if not, what do we get that looks good but doesn't cost a fortune?, etc.).


    danswinus said...

    Nice blog, I was conned into doing one as well. Hopefully, We will be able to make it up to SLC to help you guys out. Lacy has posted a bunch of pictures from our remodeling projects.

    Todd said...

    good choice i say.

    April said...

    That will look great! It's the same sink we were planning on (for the same reasons), but didn't have the space for.

    I'd love to come bring a housewarming gift when you're all finished.

    Kersten said...

    Hey, we don't charge admission! You can stop by empty-handed any time!

    Emily said...

    Stumbled upon your blog by way of Renovation Voyeur. Love what you are doing to your place. I bought that very sink from IKEA when redoing my very small bathroom. I have a really narrow depth space and having the sink/counter be one piece is perfect! Can't wait to see how your place turns out. Good luck!