Friday, April 17, 2009

    Shaking my faith

    I learned a little while ago that photos such as these...

    ...are about as real as these:

    Why can't we have a little more of this?

    Here's the slc202 promise: we will never touch up our house photos! (You'll be lucky if we even clean first.)

    We didn't have an architect meeting this week, so we'll have to wait until next week to get another update. In the meantime, enjoy your spring — we're spending ours thinking of a yard.


    Kristin said...

    those house pictures really are amazing. why can't i live there in real life?

    Kersten said...

    And why can't I have supermodel thighs all the time? Sigh...

    Sus said...

    LOL. I just did a staging at a house I designed to prep it for professional pictures. :)

    Other than putting lots of accessories in the bookshelves and moving books in from the teen daughter's room to fill them out, though, it's all real.

    i love thinking about those houses in terms of super model unattainablity, however - makes me understand girls who lust over unrealistic bodies, since i lust over equally unrealistic spaces, regularly and with much gusto.

    dwell magazine seems to value honesty. do you think their spaces are doctored too? i hope not.