Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Master bedroom layout

    We've been working on laying out the master bedroom and bathroom. As it turns out, making a closet, toilet room, double vanity, shower/tub and linen closet into an 18'-by-18' grid is a bit tough. This was the first go at it:

    We wanted to redesign this version because 1) we forgot a linen closet, 2) we needed a bit more living space in the bedroom part itself, and 3) it turns out that I really don't want a walk-in closet, even though I said I did. Ever the indulgent ones, Matt and Kenner sent over a few other options.

    Option 1:
    Option 2:
    Option 3:
    Option 4:
    Option 5:
    In each drawing, north is "up," and the rest of the second floor is to the right of the drawing (you can see the entrance to the master suite in the same location on each drawing). We're still working on the drawings, but in the meantime, which would you choose if it were your bedroom?


    amelia said...

    Are the windows above all the south-facing walls, or just option 2? I would pick option 2 for those windows - what a neat spate.

    Kersten said...

    Windows are all TBD. "Fenestration" is an ongoing discussion.

    Kristin said...

    I like 2 and 4 so that you see the bedroom not the bath as you walk in.

    Anonymous said...

    #4 gives you the maximum space in my opinion. Are you going to be looking into pocket/sliding doors? that tends to save some suqare footage too and adds a much more updated look.

    Also, #4 with the bed where the "bench" is would be a nice look. you could achieve the storage around the bed kinda like Ikea has in alot of their styled idea pictures.

    alyce said...

    Option 2. I like the longer, uninterrupted wall space (windows or no) that is created with bathroom opposite and closets perpendicular.

    I also like the layout of that bathroom.

    I do wonder about both a tub and a shower. Given the water restrictions here in high desert Santa Fe, I rarely feel comfortable using the tub.

    A tub in a guest bath is great, especially if kids are planned. But in a master bath...

    Just something to think about.

    Kersten said...

    Good point. The tub was always one of those "we'll see if it works" features for us.