Thursday, April 16, 2009

    The master bedroom mash-up

    After looking at the different bedroom options, we realized that a great solution was probably going to take a bit of mix-n-match. We're not totally sure that what we want to do will actually work, but the design process has involved some dreaming for us, so why not a bit more?

    This is what we'd like the master bedroom to look like — we pulled elements from three different sketches to get to this option.

    If you can't read our scribbles, then the bedroom portion is from Option 3, our preferred toilet-linen combination is from Option 2, and the rest of the bathroom is from Option 4. We're not quite sure that our preferred drawing will work, hence the (2), with a slightly smaller linen closet and re-oriented toilet room.

    Also, kudos to Lisa for her two-sided linen closet idea. We will henceforth call it "The Lisa." (Other naming opportunities still abound.)


    Anonymous said...

    the placement of the door into the bedroom on #4 makes the most sense to me. it gets rid of the idea that you have to go down a hallway to get to your room as though it was hidden away, though when you get through your own door it gives it the feel that you've entered a distinctive space. It also gets rid of the door swinging into your the actual bedroom.

    hope that made some sense.

    really like the idea of the double sided linen space though!

    jacob said...

    Make sure you have enough storage space throughout the house especially in the master closet. Part of maintaining the clean modern look is having a place to put all your crap. It never looks anywhere near "minimalist" if you have stacks of clothes and blankets, etc. all over your bedroom.