Monday, April 6, 2009

    The 96/4 rule

    This Thursday's meeting with Kenner and Matt will be about, among other things, some exterior treatments for the house. We're excited to see what they present because while we're all roughly on the same page, Tai and I still have slightly different ideas of what we'd like to see on the facade. I prefer a cooler, almost industrial look — primarily concrete and metal with small accents of warmer materials such as wood. Tai leans toward warmer materials — primarily woods, with accents of the cooler materials. (Incidentally, we think that Tai's approach would be more likely to pacify neighbors than mine would...which, of course, goes right back to the differences in our personalities.)

    At any rate, one of the larger differences between the two of us is our opinions of stucco. Tai's not opposed. I adhere to a 96/4 division: I hate it 96 percent of the time, but I might not totally hate it the other 4 percent of the time. This is my quasi-liberal side coming out — I don't want to totally discriminate against stucco, so I'll keep an "open" mind to allow for uses that I haven't seen...or that might not actually exist...

    The 96 percent (and all similar ilk):

    Maybe this can be part of the 4 percent?:

    I have such an aversion to its use, though, that I'm still undecided...

    Is this normal?


    Damian said...

    I think your aversion to stucco is how it is generally used. Sometimes it captures light really nicely.

    Most of those houses are stucco and stone. You do not like stone however, just how it is used in those homes.

    something to consider.

    Kersten said...

    Context is definitely a huge part of my aversion — no doubt. (And, happy birthday!)

    Ben said...

    We're moving, and unfortunately had to abandon our commitment to aesthetics. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

    lavardera said...

    stucco can take on a very concrete like look - talk to the installer about what you want.