Monday, August 3, 2009


    Starting bright and early this morning, the concrete crew was on set tying rebar and getting the forms ready for the foundation wall pour today. Part of this pour today is also the fireplace wall (where the fireplace will eventually go), a 12 and a half foot tall concrete wall on the front of the house that also makes up part of the entrance. 

    By 1:00 the city had inspected and the pump truck was set to go. The whole thing was poured and j-bolts set within 2 hours. The j-bolts are what attache the framing to the foundation. There are also tie-down straps for seismic stability that were placed in the foundation.

    Here are the photos of the day.


    Maren said...

    ooooo, so exciting! Did you put your handprint in the cement?

    april said...

    I'm really excited for you, things seem to be moving quickly after all the waiting and hassles you've had!

    Anonymous said...

    looking forward to seeing the finished fireplace with the look of the forms that were used.. so far so good, you guys must be super happy so far.