Sunday, August 30, 2009

    Catching up on the rest of the week.

    It was a busy week and lots got done and I'm just barely catching up to the blogging.

    Tuesday we started setting the floor joists for the second floor. Because of the unique design of the house and the various cantilevers and open spans, a lot of engineering hardware was required, so getting the second floor ready for walls consumed most of the week.

    Since a picture is worth a lot of words, here is the rest of the week in pictures:






    todd said...

    Way to swing a hammer, Tai! Makes you look like a workin' man. Which is a funny contrast to the kid who wanted a floor mat for a rolling office chair in his room.

    Anyway, this is looking great. Thanks for all the pictures.

    Tai said...

    Not only did I want a floor mat for my rolling office chair, I got one for christmas when I was 10.