Friday, May 1, 2009

    Vaulted space

    We are tentatively expanding the vaulted space in the living room (far right of the floor plan here, the part with the "x" through it). It had been a bit pinched with all the design tweaking we did to the second floor.

    If you have sharp eyes and a good memory, you'll notice a very slight shift in the placement of the second floor over the first. We're moving it to the west to create a little more vaulted space in the living room. The second-floor jog at the loft (top of the stairs) is what will require one of the structural beams in the house (it's also where we're talking about whether that beam will be exposed).

    You can also see the orientation of the master bath, including a re-orientation of the toilet room, and the shower-only stall at the south (or "bottom") of the master bathroom. This particular orientation would not accommodate a double-sided linen closet, but it does reclaim a foot or so of space that we desperately needed for the second bathroom to be truly comfortable and functional. And the door for the master bedroom can be at any point along that approach hallway — as per a commentor's suggestion, we will likely put it at the public-space-end of the hall.


    Anonymous said...

    really cool. (also nice to see you've taken my door placement comment in mind!) I'm curious, is one of the two rooms planned as a sort of "office" ? if so, a quick though might be to make it the one that's next to the vaulted/open space and leave it open to below. that way it opens up the space, but allows for a wall to be placed should the change into a private room be needed.

    all in all very nice. i like the offset angle on the stairs and the fact that it has an open aspect to see down the stairs. i think stairs are the one aspect of a home that so often gets overlooked and shoved into a sort of hallway condition, when in really a lot of interesting design can go into a set of stairs.

    truly enjoying the updates!

    Tai said...

    We have a dedicated office space on the first floor. We will probably use one of them as a guest room and the other as a place to store our junk until we get a garage with storage built. Eventually the plan would be to put some miniature humans (no this is not an announcement family) in those rooms.

    Anonymous said...

    super quick thought, was looking at your plan again cause i happen to open the bookmark by mistake... have you thought about having the stairs run the other direction, so that the top of it is at the master bedroom end and turn the other end into a small sort of sitting area that overlooks the living room below. Could be an interesting little sitting area, it would also mean less of a hallway to walk when going to the master bedroom to get something.

    minor thought, just wanted to throw it out there.

    Tai said...

    That was actually something we put a lot of thought into. With the first floor being so open and public, by positioning the stairs the way they are, it sends the message that the upstairs is a private area that not just anyone is welcome to go. This way also allows us to extend the living room under the stairs a bit as well as allows the person climbing the stairs to look out the tall windows.