Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Quiet, but Busy

    Things are a little quiet on the blog front right now. Design work is essentially complete, but before we can finalize the plans, we are getting cost feedback from the contractor to see if we are doing okay on our budget. This isn't the formal bid, but we need to know in a few key areas if we need to make changes. Since I will be putting in a bit of sweat equity into the house, this means that during this time, I am also checking out costs on items that will be my responsibility. These include the kitchen (Ikea), flooring, painting, rough electrical, base boards. 

    This phase is supposed to be finished early next week, after which we will decide what changes need to be made and then move towards construction docs, which, if all goes as planned in the cost estimating process, should be done on June 4th.


    Jacob said...

    You should consider doing your own rough and finish electrical. It is not very hard at all and I would be more than happy to help you learn and help you put it all together. I would by the way recommend having someone install the panel and service to the grid. Let me know when you start getting close it is an easy way to save a few thousand dollars. If you can afford it do your own electrical and hire out the painting, painting sucks.

    Kersten said...

    Tai's planning on doing the rough electrical (with the division of labor exactly what you spelled out) — that was something we planned on after we first met you!

    As for the painting, that is the one home-improvement competency that I bring to the I'll probably end up doing a lot of painting, freeing up Tai's time to do stuff like upstairs flooring, kitchen install, etc.