Friday, May 15, 2009


    While we're waiting for our cost estimate (a pre-bidding phase that will help us refine the design to maximize but not break the budget), here's a little book I saw in Philadelphia recently. My thinking was, "ooooh, I wonder if they have good photos of tile that we could use..."

    And then I turned the corner and saw the rest of the title.

    Have a great weekend, everyone. I will, once again, be dreaming of a yard.


    Anonymous said...

    don't know if you're in LA any time soon, but i do know that they have some GREAT hole-in-the-wall places for tile and flooring. Living in Vegas i have one guy i go to a lot, but with that said, here's an LA place that has killer prices on glass tile if that's a look you like:
    I know i'm heading there in about 2 weeks and stoping by them to pick some up for myself :) just figured i'd share none the less.

    post a comment on what you're looking for and i might be able to help with ideas. working in the industry doesn't hurt :)

    i THINK they also have metalic tiles. looking for more info on that. metalic tiles can have a killer nice look for a backsplash in a kitchen if you have stainless steel appliances. and lastly i believe it's either Daltile or Interceramic that has a REALLY interesting set of tile that looks like corten rusted steel.

    Anonymous said...

    just two quick ideas of that Corten tile. :) (yes, i have free time right now at work cause i'm loading a project file!)

    The Anderson's said...

    Hey Kersten... Sadie works for Arizona Tile as a showroom designer so if you need any insight... go ahead and ask the "Tile" lady in which I so conveniently call her.