Monday, March 10, 2008


    This was the work on the washer-dryer nook over the weekend:

    Before giving the beast of a tile saw back to my grandpa this fall, Tai cut all the tile we thought we needed for this little space, anticipating this very weekend and hoping that he could just throw down the cut tile. That cut tile has disappeared. He was able to lay these six tiles, and hopes to snooker some unsuspecting Home Depot or Lowe's employee into cutting the rest...sometime this week?

    And this is why I keep saying bratty stuff like, "I want my kitchen back."

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    Lacy said...

    Kersten- I know how you feel about having the house put together. We had to lay a few last times from the laundry room into the house and I took them to home depot. They cut ten of them. Some of them were more difficult than just straight cuts. No problems. I didn't even have to pay. Lowes I know does it too. Anyway it was slick. Best of luck. It looks awesome. When do we get the finished bedroom and office pictures.. I love the place as noisy as it is.