Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    Fireplace non-update

    I had two local wood-working companies come to bid on our fireplace; I heard back from one of them. The bid came in at more than $1,600 with a five-week lead time; we're going to pass on it.

    We're also now talking about plan B, which might include a nice tile around the mouth of the fireplace and another round of bidding for a wood frame to that tile.

    We always love hearing suggestions from the internet, though...consider this your palate:


    Amber and Greg said...

    Tai, My husband does tile, and I know he would give you a great deal on a bid. Your mom has our phone number if you want to give us a call. This is Amber Watts (rane) Just so you know who I am.

    JayMoo and Stephoin said...

    Puffy paint. Your goal should and must be to incorporate puffy paint into this project.

    Now there is the problem with the heat from the fireplace...but you'll figure it out.

    amelia said...

    Dang. At this point, I would rip out the black and white splatter tile (is that what that is, tile?), find some unique tile to border the fireplace yourself and top it with a unique mantle (a mantle because I can't picture your living room without the mantle pictures). You two could come up with a really unique design, I'm sure.