Sunday, January 8, 2012

    Tree to table

    There's nothing quite like chopping down a tree and turning it into a table. But to get to this,

    You have to do a lot of this:

    It helps if you convince a talented little brother to swap an old table for design work on the new:

    And then it's not even sad when you have to say good-bye to the table you bought just before you got married:

    We love the new table. It fits perfectly with the rest of the house and it feels like it's been here since day one. Quinn did a wonderful job for us; he considered all the other finishes, angles, and design elements in our home and designed the new table to fit with those. The colors of the wood -- mostly plum with some lighter shades of rich brown -- blend so beautifully with the finished steel. The table seats 10 comfortably and 12 in a pinch. It arrived the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, just in time to host dinner for some family members.

    Tai built the wood sections (as you can see from the slideshow), and we had the metal base fabricated by a few of Quinn's contacts from school. All told, we estimate that we spent roughly 8 to 10 percent of what it would have cost us to purchase a similar piece at retail. We now have an heirloom piece of furniture with a great story and a ton of sweat equity.

    We're still waiting for Quinn to pick a name for it. Suggestions welcome.


    Side of Jeffrey said...

    Who are you guys? That table is amazing. Each time I read your blog I realize how unworthy I am to ever own a home. I would not do it justice.

    JonathanN said...

    So simple and so perfect! Love the table!

    troy. said...

    beautiful piece!

    Rob said...

    stunning, simply stunning table... i love it, from the mix of metal and wood, to the overall design!

    NICELY done. as for a name, does it really need one? it's just "THE" table! everyone will know which one when you say "the table!"