Tuesday, January 3, 2012

    Enclosing the yard

    Even though 2011 is over, I want to catch up the blog with the rest of the projects from last year. We were relatively busy with lots of fun things, and I want to share those before I start going on about plans for 2012.

    May and June involved a lot of plant watching. The long wet spring made great conditions for all sorts of green stuff...

    ...including some spinach that really took off once the sun came out.

    We also laid mulch down in the yard, subsequent to putting down weed fabric. We got our mulch from the gravel pit in North Salt Lake, and imposed on relatives with pick-up trucks to get it home.

    Then, Tai spent the second half of June and the first part of July working on the rest of the fence sections we needed in order to enclose our yard. It felt so, so good to have privacy and protection from the neighborhood critters who kept using our backyard as a thoroughfare/bathroom.

    He also re-sealed the cedar on the house and garage.

    Closing in the yard required that Tai build a gate by our side-yard patio and another back by the garage on the alley. He set the posts and built the gate structure all by himself...because I was too busy (lazy) with other very important projects (reading in the sun).

    And the side patio gate:

    We also sat back and watched the plants grow (more on that in another post). Then Tai got restless and decided it was time to turn those walnut planks into a table. Lots more coming.

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    todd said...

    Nice work, guys! Even though I've seen it live in the flesh, the house looks very striking in that picture with the new mulch.