Saturday, April 30, 2011


    A slow return to disposable income has meant that we can spend a little on small house projects here and there, bringing us long overdue entryway rugs. Flor had a sale recently and we took the opportunity to pick out a couple of arrangements for the main entryway and our back mud room.
    Tai put together the front entryway pattern from Flor's Fedora line, inspired by/cribbed from this image:

    We were very excited to see this arrive:

    You can pay a few extra bucks for Flor to pre-cut your tiles in half, making the pattern assembly very, very easy:

    We used a combination of charcoal, chartreuse, oatmeal, and cayenne to create an offset pattern.

    We used Working Class in the mud room because we wanted something pretty durable. This is the entrance that we usually use and kick off our dirty shoes and boots into this area every night when we get home. Working Class isn't technically supposed to work over radiant floors -- we think the rubber backing will stick and rub off eventually -- but it was still the best option for that space. Besides, we figure that we'll pretty much always have some sort of floor covering in this area, so if the backing rubs off, we can just cover it with something else.

    We used cool gray and dark gray for the simple pattern.

    These are small details but they help the house feel friendlier and more lived-in.


    justin + camille said...

    Love the carpet tiles! I'm a big proponent of carpet tiles. :)

    Coasting Anon said...

    Ooo!! It looks awesome. I especially love the ones by the front door.