Friday, April 29, 2011

    Simple seats

    We've had a counter but no seating, until recently. My parents gifted us this set of bar stools at Christmas, and I recently surprised Tai by completing the set:

    These are, admittedly, a pretty egregious knock-off. While we sort of wish that ours were the real designer thing, if we were waiting to save up for the real thing we'd be standing around for years. These work just fine, and I've seen them (or near-twins) showing up at Tulie Bakery and my work.


    Ems said...

    ha! those are precisely the stools I've been looking at for our counter cus yeah, the real ones cost almost as much as our condo, so not happening anytime soon (same with the womb chair I'd like for our bedroom).

    but they look great!

    k8 said...

    oh i love your house so very much.