Friday, May 21, 2010

    Tai wants you all to know...

    ...that his biceps are getting huge doing all this sprinkler work.

    Which is still not finished.

    Our yard looks like a war zone right now, so I refuse to post pictures until something looks a bit more done. Incremental progress doesn't translate well to pictures. If you've driven by lately, you know what I'm talking about. On the plus side, I did pick out, set, and lay 11 large stone pavers all by myself last weekend. They are lovely and don't rock a bit when you step on them (which is my personal paver pet peeve).

    And, my aspirations to be a doddering old lady with a garden are in full swing. I have already killed four strawberry seedlings and six tomato starts. Congratulate me!


    Bob Ligget said...

    How do you kill that many plants so fast?? Congrats on the pavers and sprinklers, though. Do you guys do side work?

    justin + camille said...

    R.I.P. little tomato and strawberry starts.