Friday, March 19, 2010

    Closets and Organization

    In the hustle to finish the house at the end of last year, building out the closets in the 2 smaller bedrooms ended up being pretty low on the priority list of things to do in order to move in. When we moved in though, that meant that a lot of things didn't have a place to go. Both rooms ended up becoming the limbo where all of those things went.

    After a couple of months of always wondering where things were and feeling a little frustrated that even though we now have twice as much living space as we have ever had, we didn't have place for all of our things I spent the last 3 Saturdays working on building out the closets.

    I was able to use unused shelving from our Ikea cabinets from the house and from our previous condo for shelving in the closets and I was also able to reclaim some shelving that my Dad had taken out of his house a couple of years ago. I used paint we already had so the only expense and new product I had to buy was the shelf rail material. Both closets cost me a total of about $50. Had we bought a pre-fab closet product from a hardware store it would cost at least 4 times as much. Though it would have taken much less time. Since I have more time than money these days it was a good trade off. Plus I felt good about reusing things that would have just ended up in a land fill otherwise.

    They are not as refined as perhaps they could be, but since they are in a closet I think I will be able to overlook some of the rougher details.

    A big part of the clutter in the rooms were boxes and boxes of books that we had no place for so we went to Ikea and got a couple of Billy bookshelves and installed them on the landing.

    It really gives the landing upstairs a much more lived in feel, which is nice.


    rian said...

    Your house is looking awesome. I have throughly enjoyed watching the process. Gives me hope for one day for us. Plus, a sewing machine (?) on a table always brings me joy. Congrats on the amazing results after all your hard work.

    Matt said...

    Looks great. Where did you get your bedroom and closet doors?

    Tai said...

    The doors are birch slab doors that we got from Sunroc.

    Kersten said...

    That is a sewing machine on a table, but it has yet to be used. Three months into 2010 and I haven't yet made good on my hobby resolution.