Sunday, February 28, 2010

    The Kitchen

    We've been in for a while and are slowly getting settled in. There is still much to do, but we thought we would share the finished product as it currently stands. Over the next few days we'll post pictures of each room. So for today here are some photos of the kitchen and dining area.

    The cabinets are Ikea in the Nexus Brown-Black with Klippig door handles.

    The faucet is from the Danze Parma line in stainless steel.

    The range is by Bosch and the range hood by Broan. We had to mount it lower than normal to get by some of the plumbing in the wall to vent it outside. That's why the chimney extension doesn't reach the ceiling. We'll probably get around to buying an extension kit as soon as we don't feel so broke from building a house.

    The standard Ikea cabinet sizes makes the fridge situation tricky. We went through two other fridges before we had to redo the cabinetry so that this Bosch counter depth would fit. As you can see I need to do some modification to make the gap between the top of the fridge and bottom of the cabinet less noticeable.
    The countertops are quartz from the Cambria Quarry Collection line. We had originally picked out a white quartz, but it wasn't in stock and we were on a deadline. So we picked another, which wasn't in stock, so we picked another and then picked this one based on a 1 inch square photo online. It actually turned out to match everything quite well.
    The dining room light is a George Nelson Bubble Lamp.
    Rufus, our favorite dog to dog sit was a nice addition to the house for a week.

    Pantry door on sliding hardware.

    We used Ikea Gorm shelving inside the pantry. We love having so much space for our food stuffs. Maybe now we can work on some food storage.


    Anonymous said...

    I love the cabinets, and the little shelf for cookbooks, and the bubble lamp, and the windows between the countertop and the cupboards... and yeah, pretty much the whole kitchen. nice job, you guys

    amelia said...

    I LOVE IT. Cannot wait to see more pics.

    lavardera said...

    that looks like the same Danze kitchen faucet that I have in my kitchen?

    Tai said...

    When I was looking for fixtures I actually read in a comment you made on another blog that you had used the Danze Parma line. I relied on your positive review and used the line for all of our faucets. So, thanks. They work great.

    Anonymous said...

    wow... that's all that comes to mind. LOVE it.

    Wendy said...

    It's very innovative and the pictures leave one to wonder what it would be like to be inside!
    Hope you're loving your new digs...they are very presentable.

    Maren said...

    We totally need to come out and visit and take a tour. It looks fabulous! Can't wait to see more.

    alyce said...

    It looks incredible. I love the pantry door. Seriously covet.

    Had a friend with a gap like yours above the fridge. They painted a piece of cardboard or mdf or something a color akin to the cabinets and placed it far back against the wall. It masked the hole and only cost a few minutes time (they used scrap materials).

    It may be worth trying if you don't come up with a permanent solution right away.

    Damaris said...

    this kitchen is my dream

    Kersten said...

    Thanks! That is very nice of you!