Monday, December 14, 2009

    Weekend update

    Things that have happened at the house recently:

    • backyard graded (landscaping waits until spring, but our mud waits for no one)
    • siding continues to go up on the exterior of the garage, in prep for our appraisal this afternoon
    • final plumbing went in, including our kitchen faucet and hooking up our stove:

    • we gave imaginary gold stars to our family members who spent the day Saturday helping us clean the kitchen and clean and prep the concrete floor
    • finished up the last of the baseboard detailing
    • Tai and I sealed the concrete floor with a clear sealant that adds the tiniest bit of shine to the floor and brings out all the gnarly variations in the concrete
    • cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

    We have a major fridge problem. The fridge shown in my last post sticks out from the cabinetry about 9+ inches, which is a huge bummer because we love the bottom-freezer option and that was about the only one available (it also took two weeks getting here). So, we need a replacement asap.

    Our limiting dimensions are the width of the space (30") and the depth that feels good in that space (roughly 28", excluding the handle); height is as flexible as we need it. I have run through salesmen at Lowe's and Orson Gigi looking for something that works with no luck. Suggestions welcome. Oh, and we need something as soon as possible so that we're not fridge-less during the holidays. Argh.


    Anonymous said...

    Hey guise, have you considered Best Buy? Ty an I picked up a great LG there on a tight timeline and budget and were delighted with their selection and service. Link to all their fridges =

    SO glad you two will be in your house soon! What an amazing thing.

    Suzanne said...

    I'm so jealous of that beautiful stove! Nice choice!

    Tai said...

    We actually found a great Bosch counter depth, side by side fridge at RC Willey. It was last years model that they found a few of in the warehouse last week and put on the floor at a huge discount. Score. I did have to rearrange the cabinetry a bit though.

    Anonymous said...

    Bosch counter depth at a huge discount? It's as though the higher end appliances want to live with you and Kersten, and do everything in their power to get you to you. First the washer/dryer and now this :) Awesome. Happy for you!