Friday, December 11, 2009

    Kitchen countertop arrives

    In all its dusty, unkempt, unfauceted glory:


    Anonymous said...

    what kind of countertops did you guys go with? and i'm curious if the left-side pull fridge is on purpose concidering the placement (then again i can't see what's to the left of that..)

    Tai said...

    The countertops are quartz. We went with a Cambria product called Bradford from their Quarry line. We picked out several colors before this one, but none were in stock and we were a bit crunched for time. We are really quite pleased with this though.

    The door on the fridge will be switched but first we have to find a fridge that works for the Ikea cabinetry. This one sticks out WAY too far. It's kind of a challenge.