Monday, November 16, 2009

    So Tired

    I haven't updated in awhile because I have been crazy busy working on the house. I am doing most of the interior finish work so since I last posted I have spent more hours than I can count finishing the and grouting tile, installing the bamboo floor, putting up base board, installing cabinets etc etc etc... My dad has been great, putting in many late nights with me and my brothers in law were really helpful getting a lot of the bamboo down two Saturdays ago.

    The metal siding is almost done outside, most of our exterior concrete is in and most of the final grading has been done as well. We are really closing in on this.

    Here are a bunch of photos that I'm too tired to narrate, so hopefully they tell the story pretty well on their own.


    Anonymous said...

    wow, those all look incredible. as always, i'm super jealous. Of which, i don't know if you guys got my email with some minor questions about the project, no rush on it, but wouldn't mind knowing if you did receive it.

    With that said, the house is looking awesome. The front entrace concrete work looks really nice, especially with the wood and metal finishes around everything. Truly impressed!

    Betsy said...

    It looks so amazing you guys. And I think this is the first time I realized you won't have a garage.

    Jacob said...

    I think I saw the excavation for garage footings in one of those pictures. The hardwood is very impressive and it looks like the details are coming together nicely. Would love to see what the kitchen is looking like. Thanks for the update

    Darlene said...

    oh guys! you are doingan amazing job..the house is it all ready for us to buy? j/k..we LOVE it! hope we can come see you sometimes

    Tai said...

    The plan was always to pour a pad for off-street parking that we could build a garage on later. They wouldn't let us pour the slab without a separate permit for some reason, so while we were at it, we went ahead and got a permit to build the garage as well. We came in just enough under budget to get the garage built as well. This is a relief because it would be nice to get our cars out of the snow and now we have a place to store some of our junk.