Monday, November 2, 2009

    Kitchen and other finishing touches

    I've been really busy working at the house. This last week I took a break from tiling to work on the kitchen. We assembled the cabinets on Saturday and Monday night I started to hang them. My dad came and helped me Monday night and we were able to hang most of the upper cabinets. Shortly after he left at 9:00 I realized that in my haste to get going, I skipped a step and we ended up hanging all the uppers about 5/8 of an inch too high. Not wanting to lose a day, I took them all down and re-hung them at the correct height. I finished around mid-night, which would set the tone for the rest of the week. Late nights. Kersten also started painting this week and got the mud room, office and master bedroom painted. If you've seen the pictures of our other places, you'll recognize some of the colors, but they work and we really like bright colors for accents. My brother Quinn came by on Saturday and helped her paint while I continued to work on the kitchen and picked up bamboo flooring. It was also nice to have some help unloading the 29 boxes of bamboo.

    The metal siding also started in earnest on Friday and by Saturday afternoon much of the south side was up. I'm really excited and think it will look great. They also started prepping for the outside concrete, starting with the sloped entrance to the front door. It will have retaining walls on the sides to keep snow melt and rain from easily making its way to our front door. We have a drain in there as well to handle any water that does make its way towards the house.

    Here are some pictures of what's happened the last week:


    Anonymous said...

    Did you have to re-install all of your track or were you able to adjust them to the right height? The kitchen looks awesome by the way.


    Tai said...

    Thanks. I had to re-install the track because I set it too high. The instructions have you mark a line for the top of the cabinets and then a line for the bottom of the rail. I decided to not set the bottom line assuming that the track was the same dimension as the 2.5 inches you are supposed to mark down for the bottom of the track. Everything was just a bit too high and feeling pretty stupid about it all, I took it all down and started over.

    k8 said...

    i love this house so much i want to marry it.

    Jacob said...

    C'mon, seriously, no updates yet?