Thursday, December 4, 2008

    Oh, hi Internet...

    Hello again, friends (if you're still reading — and really, I wouldn't be reading after six months of silence).

    I wanted to offer a quick accounting of our last several months:

    June: work
    July: work
    August: work
    November: WORK
    December (so far): WORK

    As you can see, it's really been a blast.

    We haven't moved on anything house-wise during this time either, but that has less to do with the work schedule and a lot more to do with the general state of the world economy and all that frightening business. (We'd prefer to not jump in too soon or rashly — I'd like to avoid becoming a cautionary tale.)

    I will say that we have been stalking a particular lot basically since July, and by stalking, yes, I mean it all: imagining what we would look like together at parties, signing my last name with its address in my diary, picking out outfits for it, driving past at all hours of the day and night, stopping by all the shops in the neighborhood, and so on.

    We actually went through a round of negotiations with the owner of this lot about two months ago but we couldn't reach a comfortable price for everyone. In the meantime, Tai has designed about eight iterations of the "outfit" we could put on that lot, and we have watched the price slowly — so slowly — edge downward. We'll keep stalking it through the next couple of months, and who knows? Maybe we'll be able to report on some action sooner rather than later. Keep your fingers crossed for us.


    k8 said...

    oh hi you two. thanks for coming back to life.

    Anonymous said...

    Actual prayers will be happening on your behalf. This desire of your hearts needs to happen. You've worked so hard, and plus I am dying to see what you two will do with the lot :). Fingers crossed for you.

    Kristin said...

    You're back! That's the beauty of google reader- I always know. I was thinking about you last week and how we haven't hung out in forever. We need to plan something fun when things ease up a bit for you.

    April said...

    holy moly! I figured you had abandoned the blog. I knew you were really busy with work, but I'm glad to hear an update. I will totally be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    Side of Jeffrey said...

    may ye be blessed with a Christmas miracle.

    Nate & Darli said...

    yeah!i'm glad you guys are back. We dont see you much, but think of you a lot!sorry u r so bus with's really not fun!I HOPE WE CAN HUNG OUT SOON!