Wednesday, January 30, 2008

    After: living room

    The living room got the usual treatment: floor, paint, trim, etc. As with the rest of the house, the "before" smell was "cat."



    The paint is Benjamin Moore Aura "Orange Parrot" and took three coats for full coverage. The window covering is the same system we have in the kitchen (where I would recommend it for the narrower width), but I'm not too pleased with it in the living room — the window's width is too large for the sliding tracks. The hanging panels already look worn and stretched out, which especially bums me out because I an entire night fiddling with those things.

    It is so, so apparent that we have way too much furniture for this place. Otherwise, the flooring runs the direction it does because of a bowing, rolling, rollicking subfloor that we didn't have the heart or the need to correct in the non-tiled rooms.

    That is the book case (the other side of the large kitchen cabinet and former walk-through), and this is why it's not finished yet:

    The bookcase isn't attached to anything as of yet, and we're hoping to add some finishing pieces that hide the gaps between the case and the wall. I have to work pretty much every Saturday in February, so I'm hoping the remodeling elf known as Tai gets around to this tedious task one of those days.

    The other major task left in the living room is the question of the fireplace facade.

    One of our friends said she didn't mention it during a recent visit because she wasn't sure if it was a new type of art installation. Yes, we call it "Stumped/Stalled/Lazy." We currently are using our TV cart to hide the artwork.


    That One Guy said...

    Too much furniture, eh?? Well, I'll give that Eames chair a good home, if needed...


    amelia said...

    I love it. Are you hoping to keep that a working fireplace?

    doug said...


    k8 said...

    oh i love this place so much.

    alysha said...

    the living room looks great!
    why don't you just dry wall all the way to the edges of the fireplace, and then maybe paint the inside of it white too? I don't know if you can paint inside fireplaces but it would be really minimal and modern?
    (I am getting this idea from Sara and Travis's house on RV).

    Tai said...


    First off, welcome back to Utah.

    Second off, we really like the idea of the sleek, no mantle fireplace look that drywalling all the way to the edges would give the place, but we thought that all the return air vents to the right of the fireplace as well as the outlets on the wall would kind of muddle things up too much. We should reconsider that though since the mantle is kind of stumping me right now.

    alysha said...

    You could also just dry wall right over it, that's what we did.
    You guys have great taste, I am sure whatever you do will look great!

    I also love your hardwood floors, they are beautiful.