Friday, December 14, 2007

    Concrete confession

    We're not doing a concrete countertop.


    Now that I've got that out there, this is what happened — we ran out of time. Making our own concrete countertop would have taken the better part of two weeks. We were ready for a countertop about a week ago, concrete would have taken longer, and I wasn't about to delay our move-in date of TOMORROW — GASP! — because we really need our own space during the holidays. I hope you all still love us.

    Some day — some day soon, we hope — when we are running on more than a few hours of sleep and when Tai hasn't been up the night before until 4 a.m. installing a tile backsplash, and when I'm out from under a bit of stress from quitting one job and starting another and selling a car and packing up our life in the middle of it all, we will show you pictures of this place. If I don't say so myself, it's looking mighty fine. Even without a concrete countertop.


    Joe said...


    I'm so sorry. I know that has been your dream for some time. Maybe you can ask Santa for a concrete countertop?

    Kersten said...

    Do you think it would fit in my stocking?

    amelia said...

    You sold your car?!

    Elizabeth said...

    What new job? Tell us all about it!