Thursday, May 5, 2011


    Here's the post where we test your patience for home improvement minutiae. We finally, finally got window coverings. We've lived in the house for almost 18 months, sharing many of those moments with our neighbors, people driving by, and anyone standing on the sidewalk (or within 50 feet of the house, really). No longer!

    We had honeycomb cellular shades in the original slc202 condo and loved them for saving us from the single-pane glass in that place, but our windows are good enough in the house that we don't really need the additional insulation that honeycomb shades offer. Plus they're a little more expensive, so we just went with a basic pleated shade.

    We looked at a couple of online and local sources, and found the best combination of price and product online at Smith and Noble with their privacy weave pleated shade. Tai double checked the measurements, dug up a killer coupon online for our order, and about two weeks later we were installing.

    Most of the shades nest inside the window frame with an inside mount. (Thrilling "installation" photos to follow...)

    Our downstairs shades are bottom up only, since our house is slightly lower than street level (we didn't think we would ever really need a top-down option down there). Upstairs bedroom shades are top-down/bottom-up, and we love them:

    Our fish bowl days are over.

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    Suzanne said...

    I love those top down shades. I'm very happy for your new found privacy. Our old roller shade broke in our bedroom a couple months ago and it resorted to crawling naked to the closet way more than I'd like to admit. Little things mean a lot!