Monday, June 7, 2010


    I keep forgetting (and am frequently too exhausted) to take pictures of our yard and post them. But it's getting more awesome by the day. I promise I'll remember soon.

    Also, we dug out a bunch of weeds in our parking strip on Saturday, then immediately noticed the neighborhood cat taking a dump in our dirt. So I'm glad that someone appreciates our hard work.


    Barbara said...

    Almost the same thing happen to me, only it is my veggie garden and I have not caught the cat :(

    april said...

    Hmm, we have the same problem with our freshly tilled and composted flower and veggie beds. Except, it is our own naughty cats doing their business. We finally had to put a fence around our entire vegetable bed.

    Larry said...

    Let me, for Creed, officially register complaint for removing so much dirt from available playspace.