Monday, July 27, 2009

    Still no permit

    I am so deflated.

    And, time for a mini-rant:

    Really, public utilities, REALLY?!?!?!? In the last eight conversations that we've had over the past week about OUR #$%^ING HOUSE PLANS you could not, at any point during those eight conversations, mention the fact that your @#$%^#% department would not provide plans approval to zoning withour first attaching a fee schedule to our application? You had to mention this at 4:45 p.m. on the very day when we finally satisfy all your requirements to redraw our site plan (instead of accepting plan notations, like you have for all other residential plans up to this point) to mention casually WHILE WE'RE STANDING AT YOUR $%^&ING COUNTER, "oh, so has anyone talked to you about a fee schedule? Oh, no? Well, we can't release these plans to you until we have a fee schedule for your plans. And since so-and-so was out of town, things got backed up, so we'll add you to the pile." And then the kicker: "We might be able to get it to you on Wednesday."

    And now I'm off to search craigslist for firearms and large-scale explosives.


    Side of Jeffrey said...

    I think you should do your evil deeds with a spoon...much more dull and painful.

    Craig said...

    That is really, really crazy. Let's go pull down someone's grape vines. It will make you feel better.