Monday, February 9, 2009

    Dogtrot style

    We really enjoy entertaining and bemoan our lack of deck and yard every year when spring comes around. That grousing and this house:

    is what led Tai to play around with a dogtrot style. We're not totally sure that this will work in Utah, but it's been a really fun concept to consider.

    If we pursued this type of design, we would probably put a home office in the back portion of the first floor, to separate it a bit from the rest of the house.

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    aporitic said...

    One thing you have to watch out for with a dogtrot is the direction of the prevailing winds. When the wind blows through that space, you get a wind tunnel effect that can be really difficult to live with.

    With the proper siting on the lot -- or failing that, a good windscreen -- it works just fine.