Tuesday, June 10, 2008

    After: bedroom

    We were reminded the other night that we haven't posted "after" pictures of the bedroom or office.

    Here's the "before" in the bedroom:

    And, the former wallpaper:

    That carpet's pink, that fan is what it looks like, and the doors are 70s wood.

    Here are the "after" pictures:

    The paint is Benjamin Moore, maybe meadow green? (This is what we get for waiting six months to show the after!) The ceiling fan is the one clean-ish design from Lowe's, and the other stuff we've had for a while.


    The Family G said...

    Thanks for open house invitation. We loved seeing the after, and I didn’t realize until now how scary the before was! The bedroom was my favorite, but I loved it all.


    Anonymous said...

    is that a real Eames lounge chair?

    Tai said...

    It is the real deal. A very wonderful Christmas present from Kersten a few years ago.

    Anonymous said...

    that's fantastic. it's beautiful.