Friday, February 15, 2008

    Thing of Beauty

    Meet the new drain line for the washing machine that will soon be blessing our lives and making trips to the 7-11 for quarters a thing of the past.

    We were finally able to find a plumber who would show up and do the job last week. Of the near dozen plumbers we called, only one other showed up to give me a bid. He said it was impossible and never showed up again. We ended up having a friend of the family who is a plumber do the work and he was great. The whole thing took less than 4 hours.

    The new drain line is in the wall separating our utility closet from the washer/dryer cubby.

    At the top of the drain pipe in the wall is a mechanical vent, which allows air into the pipes which facilitates the draining action. Before the advent of mechanical vents, we would have had to take this pipe all the way to the roof and vent it there. That would have been difficult since there is a unit above us.

    With the drain in place, water hookups were added and now it's up to me to get some electrical in there, drywall, paint, install a dryer vent, tile the floor and get a washer and dryer installed in there. Wish me luck.


    April said...

    Good luck!

    amelia said...

    I can't believe the hassle just to get a plumber in there! Good luck!

    brooke & luke said...

    we have to check this out...i'm glad you finally got the washer/dryer in...